dtac accelerate: A story of dedication, passion, and doing things bigger than ourselves.

Batch 4

I started towards the end of batch 4. Where I get to experience my very first Demo Day — dtac accelerate style. The event was hosted at W Hotel with around 400 attendees. I was inspired right away by the passionate founders pitching their ass off and answering these hellish tough questions from the judges. I wasn’t doing much on the day, just a few this and that like a useless blob who happens to wear a dtac accelerate t-shirt. But I was proud, I was proud to be a part of it.

Batch 5

My first full batch. When I first interviewed at dtac accelerate, everything seemed normal. Little did I know, P’ Jane was pregnant… and dtac gives a 6-months maternity leave. Yes, you read that right — 6. She equipped me with as many weapons and armour as she could during the short 3 months before the next batch, it was as if I’m attending a personal acceleration program myself.

Batch 6

I thought this is going to become the same pattern as batch 5, and that I would eventually get bored of the loop I’ll be stuck in. That is definitely not the case.

This photo has all the sponsors, it’s just perfect.

Batch 7 — our last batch

I didn’t know it was going to be our last batch when it started. If I did, I would’ve taken way more photos.



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